Holiday Homes Unlimited

To feel at home, stay at home!

-Clifton Fadiman

Opening a Bed & Breakfast has been one of the most special experiences of my life. Through Holiday Homes Unlimited, I wish to extend and share this joy with others!

Recently, while endlessly skimming through Netflix, I came across a show called ‘World’s Most Extraordinary Homes‘. In all honesty, my dear brother Vinay had told me to watch it a couple of years ago, and for some reason I missed doing so.

A documentary miniseries which originally aired on BBC Two and later picked up by Netflix, the show is hosted by two extremely talented and absolutely delightful people – an award winning architect – Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin, an English actress and TV broadcaster who happens to be immensely passionate about properties. Together, they travel across the world, picking the most unique spaces, staying there for a couple of nights and showing us the ‘extraordinary’ that every home brings to the table. The candor of the hosts coupled with their infectious energy and humor is what draws you to keep clicking ‘next episode’.

Besides the fact that I now desperately want an interestingly structured beach house, what I am truly eyeing for is their job – to hop across the globe and take motorboats to reach offbeat properties! (Cars are too mainstream, duh! )

So as I fantasize to be picked up by Netflix to host a travel show, I thought why not do something about homes that offer their own taste of extraordinary? (But are not sure how to yet)

What Am I talking about?

Exactly four years ago, I hosted my first set of guests in KMR Villa, a property my father built amidst the breathtaking Nilgiris.

A business idea that was made easy by Airbnb and a few conversations with my dad who’s only request was I learn to do everything from scratch, a bed and breakfast in the heart of Nilgiris was born. Becoming a host revamped things for me!

From merely enjoying the service received during holidays, I started to look for ways in which I could make it memorable for others. Perfectly washed linen, local breakfast options and tidy spaces – I started realizing the importance of each. Ultimately, the decision of switching careers and following one in hospitality was a game changer.

From hosting in the Nilgiris, to writing a Master Thesis in the Alps, 2016 – 2018 was all about learning, experiencing and growing.

In the start of 2019, I had helped a friend with setting up his property on Airbnb. In the back of my head I thought this had the probability to become something more than helping one person. However, the timing coincided with my relocation to New York, so I decided to revisit it once I moved back to India. Gathering the experiences I had while working in the world’s most cosmopolitan city gave me new perspectives to start my very own consulting platform to bring together individuals/groups looking to list their property and travelers looking for a home away from home.

Holiday Homes Unlimited is about creating an ecosystem for property owners to tap into their assets and as a result offer unforgettable local travel experiences.

Please note:

As of now, Masterclass and Gold are available globally, whereas Platinum (i.e. Co-Hosting) is available only in India.

With travel taking a complete turn, people are opting for more secluded options giving way to home stays which are guaranteed to host smaller crowds at a time.

So help me help travelers and property owners seeking to become hosts and together – let’s start creating that ecosystem!

You can reach me via:


Instagram: @holiday_homes_unlimited

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