The ACL, Meniscus and Me.

‘Dance Basanthi’, it was my favorite song that year, and I was trying to ensure that my dance moves did justice to it. My entire class was present, and were a cheerful audience! We had all gone to a resort called Mango Mist to mark the end of our incredible three year journey at Christ University, Bangalore.

However, little did I know – that my leg wanted to do this in style.

Do you see how excited I was?

Have you heard the song “Pop! Goes my Heart” sung by Hugh Grant for the movie ‘Music and Lyrics?’ Well thats exactly what happened to my knee. It went ‘Pop’ and I remember collapsing, my entire class rushing to my rescue, and it all happened so fast that I kept thinking, who could have hit me so hard with a cricket bat or football? It took me a good five minutes to realize that it was internal because no one was apologizing! (Also, no one would do such a thing, not deliberately of course).

That night, we were all staying in tents, so with a lot of help from all my friends and to my luck – a wheel chair as well, we made it to our tent. And the entire night, my friends took turns to look after me, specially my roommates and my friend Avishek – who did not leave my side even for a minute, and there I was trying to keep my mind off the excruciating pain , completely oblivious of how serious the injury was going to be. The highlight for all, however was taking turns to give me a ride on the wheelchair!

The next day, due to lack of access to any other mode of transport – we had to make our way back to Kormangala in a Tempo. (Yes, I held my leg the entire time and had conversations with it that it would be ok). I was so blessed to have friends, who spent two days before our final exams in the hospital with me. Unfortunately, that day the Orthopedic was not in, so I was asked to get an X-Ray and the Physiotherapist informed me that I have nothing to worry about because it was just a sprain. You can imagine my elation at this! I had put my entire family in so much worry in the last 24 hours, that my mom had booked her tickets for the next morning, and this was my shot at cooling the situation.

But, hailing from a family that has more than 3 doctors, there wasn’t much escaping. I was to be taken to the top Sports doctors the very next day, which was followed by an MRI which was followed by the realization that I had not one but two Ligament Tears – A torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament and a Meniscus and that I may or may not need surgery. And just like that my hope to cool the situation down was lost. My fear was turning into tears, only to be stopped by my aunt Reeta(also a Doctor) and mother who were doing everything in their capacity to stay positive and keep me going.

What was really bothering me was that I had been dancing since the age of 4; how could dancing possibly betray me so much?

Then it hit me, earlier that day, I had performed this adventure activity – Log Crossing. Now for those of you who don’t know me, I am a very short person. And I really had to stretch and exhaust every muscle in my body to achieve the below feat.

Do not try this at home! Or anywhere!

I had my MRI Results in one hand, and my textbooks in the other. I had one night to prepare for my exam the next morning, and my roommates- Cynthia and Neela, once again came to my rescue by giving me a crash course. I had to do this for the next one month. My right leg in a Brace, an Ola to get me to college which was otherwise a 10 min walk and a special seat away from the rest of my class.

I tried to be stylish by getting two different types of Braces

You must be wondering, why I am giving such a detailed back story? It is because this injury changed my life entirely!

Stay tuned, because the real story has just begun!

4 thoughts on “The ACL, Meniscus and Me.

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  1. I hope this has changed your journey for the better! It is so difficult not being able to participate in the activities you love because of an injury. I find it interesting that the first doctor told you it was a sprain, I had an similar experience. I tore my ACL when an opponent slide tackled me during a soccer game, my knee went pop- and everything got extremely hot then extremely cold. The first doctor told me it was a sprain, the second told me my ACL and MCL was torn, the third doctor told me it was a torn MCL, the fourth and fifth doctors told me it was a torn ACL and MCL. It’s a frustrating journey, even 10 years later I still find myself not able to do what I once was before the injury and I injure it more often than not now. But you are not alone and it’s awesome to see you had/have such a great support system! If there’s any advice I can give it is to keep rehabbing it! Have you noticed anything different when you dance now? Or are you more nervous when you dance now than as compared to before?

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    1. Dearest Alexxis,

      Thank you so much for reading the blog and for your message! It means a lot to me to know that I am not alone in this journey and to also hear about all that you went through.

      Its inspiring to me, that even a decade later you have the determination to keep going, even though it can be so frustrating.

      When it comes to dance, I do not dance like I used to because of the fear that I have within me. As I mention through my blog, it is more psychological than physical pain that we need to overcome. I hope that I get to meet you someday and we can exchange our stories! Thanks a lot once again for reading, means a whole lot to me!

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      1. Hi Rachna,

        Of course- I loved reading it! You are definitely not alone, there are many women out there just like us!

        Yes, I do not blame you for the fear within you when it comes to dancing. Two years is still so fresh and new, honestly even ten years later I still get nervous. It will probably always be in the back of your head, as it’s still in mine, but I promise the psychological part becomes easier over the years.

        I really hope we meet one day too, if you’re ever in Oregon, let me know and we can go adventure around the beautiful waterfalls around here! ❤

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      2. Thank you so much for your encouraging and inspiring words! And I would absolutely love to plan a trip to the States again! I will definitely come visit you and explore new places!

        Thanks so much again! 😀

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