The Girl Who Kept Moving

Chapter 1: The Trench Coat 

Walking past the Chrysler and occasionally checking herself out in the massive glass buildings, Rachna could not help but think of the night she landed in her favourite city. It was like she had dreamt about this all her life.

Looking back it had unfolded so magically as she was flew into her favourite city. Just before touchdown, she glanced outside the window, and knew that the city was shining bright for her, as if to tell her “Welcome, we have been waiting for you!” Oh, just the thought gave her goosebumps and made her incessantly smile.

Nine months later, here she was, strolling through the streets of Midtown with so much confidence (this confidence can be associated with the ability to finally navigate the city without the help of Google Maps). It was her first fall, a special one, one where she could get her beautiful navy blue trench coat out!

Have you enjoyed the weather more just because of the pretty clothes you get to put on? Rachna was one of them. It was all about pretty clothes and sexy boots. It was more than about how it looked , it was about how it made her feel. The trench coat gave her a sense of belonging. It made her stop, look at herself and go “You, you definitely a New Yorker now!”

As she blended in with the other trench coaters bustling through the streets, she gave herself the same smile she did the night that she landed.

Being in her favourite city, wearing her favourite outfit, breathing New York – was all part of one big miracle.

If you remember from a year ago in Rachna’s life: The Girl Who Moved Mountains , Rachna’s conversations with her mom were always life changing. Before she was admitted into a Swiss Hospitality School, Rachna had tried to apply to New York and upon realizing the slim chances of that working out, her mom had told her she just needs to be patient, believe in it and one day she wouldn’t just study there but work there. Moms being real miracles themselves, within a year, Rachna was holding an offer letter from The Roger Smith, a boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Mom was allowed to have all her ‘I told you so!’ moments.

Chapter 2: The Suite Life 

Growing up in a family that loved to travel, Rachna had the opportunity of staying in hotels pretty often, something she was always grateful for. She loved every bit of it, being welcomed at the entrance with special beverages, watching the luggage be taken in bell carts, getting a room for her cousins and herself; her favourite part though? When the hotel staff magically knew it was her birthday and there would be surprises coming along during her stay!

So naturally when it came to a job that would allow her to work as well as live in a hotel, it felt as though she had been in training for the “Suite Life”.

One of its kind, Roger Smith’s unique Management Trainee program creates a highly conducive environment for its trainees to learn each day, gain once in a life time experiences and opens up doors to any world you choose to make yours. Designed over a period of one year, the trainees work across four different departments, learning from the best and training to be future leaders. Being situated in the heart of Manhattan , the hotel draws guests from across the globe, giving these trainees the opportunity to cater to diversity, honing them to become adaptable to any given situation. It also comes with the bonus of learning Spanish, and Rachna’s favourite thing to say is : Eres muy guapo! – You are handsome (Still no boyfriends though! )

And if that wasn’t enough, they finish work, take the elevator up to their penthouse – 1704 , where they live as one big happy family with the occasional “You better do the dishes!” 

Chapter 3: The Familia

The Suite life comes with perks of never having to worry about buying toilet paper or changing sheets. But what truly makes this experience wholesome and irreplaceable is the family that it comes with. With the most warm and welcoming staff one could imagine, and gregarious fellow trainees along with the concept of being family owned and operated gives one an instant sense of belonging, and finding a home away from home.

The 1704 family lives together, works together, does(NOT) do dishes together, gets drunk together, misses the subway together, plans brunches, does dinner dates, basically takes over NEW YORK together.

And as Rachna walks out of the lobby, all she can think of is how all of this came into being, of how she wants to continue breathing New York in , and how the Roger Smith Hotel has her whole damm heart.


Love Always, 


Perpetual New York State of Mind



About the Author:

Rachna continues to hunt for the best Dosa in town, despite living in the middle of world cuisines. She is yet to finish 25 countries (maybe before she is 26?!) Her new found love is Rosé and Truffle and she can’t get enough of either, which is starting to be problematic.

P.S. Still trying to change the world one smile at a time.






4 thoughts on “The Girl Who Kept Moving

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  1. Nicely written Rach. It’s good to enjoy the moments as it happens all amidst your punishing schedules… please keep at it. The big Apple brings out the best in you. make the most


    1. Dear Jk Chittappa,

      Thank you so much ! Yes as overwhelming as it can get , New York has so much to offer that it’s easy to miss the little moments !

      Thank you so much for always being so encouraging and for the unconditional support!


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